APRIL 2017


                    ~*~*~EASTER SALE~*~*~

                      25% OFF all TOPTUL TOOLS while stocks last

                                    10.04.17  to  20.04.17

                                        NEW SHIPMENT ARRIVING MID MAY

                      Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  from the Contact screen         

                               Wishing one and all a safe and Happy Easter...


JAN 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR & WELCOME - a big "Thank You" and our sincere appreciation is extended to our many loyal customers and business partners for your continued support and assistance during the past year.  We wish everyone the very best in 2016 and with much success and prosperity...

Website:  We are pleased to welcome everyone to our updated and refreshed 'mobile-friendly' site.

We hope you now find it much easier and convenient to navigate on your mobile devices - please note the Product Catalogue is once again accessable

On-line Store:  This is currently under construction and not yet operational however we are working hard to have this available in the coming months and will keep you posted... 

Dec 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Wishing all a joyous and happy Christmas Season and God's Blessings for the coming year.

Thank you to all for your support during the past year

and we look forward to working together again in 2015.

We will be closed from 22 December 2014 and re-opening 19 January 2015.

Brian, Leslie & Staff

27 Dec 2014 

Kochie's Business Builders Rescue My-Site Competition

The results for two of the categories have been announced and our congratulations to the winner of the Local Legend Category- NACHOS CANTINA in Melbourne and we wish you all the best with your new site.

A very big THANK YOU to all who supported our entry and voted for us, we really did appreciate your help!

Also our thanks to the thoughtful person who initiated and lodged our nomination - again very much appreciated!

And finally our thanks to KBB's for providing such a wonderful opportunity for small business and it was fun/great to be involved.


UPDATE... on KBB's Web-site Competition

We are really happy to advise we have been selected and included in the 'Short Listing' Stage of the competition (Stage 2) - only 15% of nominations are lucky enough to reach this stage - so an achievement in itself!

"THANK YOU" so much to all who have voted for BMC

If you are able - please keep voting - all votes still count towards the 'People's Choice' Cateogory

(eventhough our nomination is for the 'Local Legend' Category)

Please find LINK below in the previous article

Closing date: 21.12.2014

ONE vote per 24hrs per person per device (ie Mobile, PC, Laptop, Tablet etc) is allowed

Thanks again...

BMC Needs your Vote...

We have been kindly and anonymously nominated for:

Kochie's Business Builders Series 8 Competition on Channel 7

for a Web-Site up-grade.

For more details and where you can register your Vote please go to the following LINK


Many thanks for your help...

Christmas time 2013

Season's Greetings

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May you have the blessings of family and friends to share the goodwill of the Season with.

Our appreciation and thanks to all our loyal customers and suppliers for your business and support during the past year -

and we look forward to a successful and prosperous 2014 together

The past year has come and gone so quickly - so much so it has come to my attention

last year's Christmas Greetings message was missed -

Our apologies for this oversight and we hope 2013 has been a kind and generous year for everyone

Brian, Leslie & Staff

(especially dedicated to our committed internet readers)

;o)  :-]  :}  ;o)

Feb 2013

Due to the extreme weather again, our Run/s Schedule has needed to be revised.

Delays in reaching some areas has occured which we do apologise for...

Freight to Trade Customers is again offered FIS for the immediate future should you be requiring something urgently otherwise current run dates for your area can be obtained by contacting our Office on 07 4635 0398.

BMC would like to extend their sympathy to all who have been affected by the recent floods.

As we did in 2011, we will again be making a donation to the Flood Appeal.

Seasons Greetings

SEASONS GREETINGS from all at BMC and best wishes for a safe and Happy New Year!

May we take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for your custom during 2011 and to wish you and your loved ones good health, wealth and much happiness for 2012.

May the New Year bring new beginnings for us all.  :)


BMC Delivery Runs:   Ceased 23.12.11 and will re-commence 23.01.12.  The 2012 Run Schedule can be obtained by contacting the Office on 07 4635 0398.

Office Closed: Mon 02.01.12 to Mon 09.01.12

Orders: All orders received via email, fax or phone (Sales 0419 742 924) will be accepted and actioned outside of the Office Closure dates, as indicated.

8 March 2011

Advice on remaining Service Deliveries:-

14 March:  Run 7:   Central Qld

16 May:    Run 6:  South West Qld

27 Jan 2011

Service Deliveries

7 Feb:   Run 5:    Roma/Longreach

14 Feb:  Run 3:    Dalby/Lockyer Valley/Warwick/Sth Burnett

21 Feb:  Run 2:    North Qld

28 Feb: Run 1:    Toowoomba

5th West Qld (Run 6) and Central Qld (Run 7) to be advised.

15 Jan 2011

Service Deliveries

Due to the Qld Floods and some areas of Northern NSW we are not able to re-commence our runs as expected and previously advised.

Our revised schedule for the coming weeks is as follows:-

30 Dec 2010

Brian & Leslie at BMC hopes everyone and their families had a very Merry Christmas and wishes all a Happy, safe & successful year for 2011.

  Our thoughts have been and are with those in the flood affected areas.  We send our best wishes and sincere understanding to you during this devastating time.

We would also like to thank all of our customers for their business and support during the past year and look forward to servicing your needs in 2011.

We are currently closed during the Christmas period.  Mail Orders and deliveries in the Toowoomba area will re-commence on 10 Jan with Country runs resuming on 17 Jan.

30 Sept 2010

Welcome: BMC is excited to extend a big welcome to viewers of our new Web-Site!

Thanks: Many thanks to all our loyal customers for their patience whilst waiting for the Site and Product Catalogue to be completed.  We do apologise this has taken longer than first anticipated but hope you will now find the site and products informative and useful to your business.

TOPTUL: A new shipment of tools is expected in and will be available from 4 October.